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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 9: The Real Ghostbusters

SUPERNATURALAt the behest of Carver “Chuck” Edlund, who they believe called them, Sammy and Dean speed off in the impala to their destination.  As it turns out, Carver didn’t call them to the first ever Supernatural Convention based on his wildly popular series of (supposed) fiction novels.  It was actually Becky who engages in some fangirl squeeing after seeing Dean – and particularly – Sam drive up. 

Carver explains he wasn’t the one who called them there and has to explain such concepts as “live action role playing” (LARP-ing) to the Winchester boys who take in the sights of hundreds of fans wandering around dressed as them, or as some of their past Monsters of the Week, including the Scarecrow and The Hook.  Posters and t-shirts emblazoned with “Got salt?” abound and Carver Edlund is a keynote speaker at the event, announcing a symposium on the homoerotic subtext of Supernatural and, much to the delight of fans, that there will be more Supernatural books, in spite of the fact that the character of Dean had been banished to Hell. 

Sam and Dean do not take too kindly to Carver mining their personal lives and struggles for fun and profit.  Carver explains that he’s gotta eat, too, and that he has no choice as an angel had charged him with being the Winchester’s official chronicler of deeds.

The Winchester boys’ attention snaps back to the convention when one of the attractions is a “ghost hunt” in which the attendees must find and salt the bones of Leticia Gore, the headmistress of an orphanage during the late 1800s who had murdered four young children before killing herself.  Ironically, the site the convention is being held at is the very same orphanage where Leticia went on her killing spree. 

Soon, the LARP-ing gets out of control and the real Leticia Gore and the murdered kids come out to play. The creepy dead kids greet the convention-goers with a chorus of sad, little “Miss Gore won’t let us have any fun”s as a hired actress portraying Leticia Gore for the RPG game confuses the issue even more. 

Leading the pack of LARP-ers are FatDean and GawkySam who declare this the best game ever, particularly when they encounter the real Sam and Dean who aren’t amused.  (Dean gets called “Bobby,” which just might have upped the non-amusement factor.)  Even better, FatDean and GawkySam seem to have the real Dean and Sam’s gravely, super-deep, super-serious voices down pat!  Dean is mystified that these two guys would actually want to be the real Sam and Dean, angrily asking them to explain the allure to him. 

Before he can get an answer, both sets of Sams and Deans encounter the ghost of Leticia Gore’s own son who tells them that “Mommy loves me this much” – stretching his hands out to show how much and revealing a chunk of his missing scalp and head cut to the bone.  Incensed by this, Dean wants to nuke the ghost of Gore big time.

They get their chance when the Sams and Deans head to the on-site graveyard and begin to dig up her grave.  Leticia Gore’s ghost attacks FatDean and GawkySam.  Sammy is slugged to the ground and can do nothing, leaving Dean to successfully salt and torch Leticia’s bones by himself in the nick of time. 

As it turns out, Leticia Gore’s ghost was the only thing maintaining order in the Gore-phanage-turned-Hotel.  It wasn’t Mommy who gave her son the scalp job, but rather the three creepy kids who claimed that Miss Gore wouldn’t let them have any fun.  The creepy kids start to have all kinds of fun, wielding knives and giving a scalp job to the snide German dude playing The Hook.  Mommy didn’t give him the scalp job.

Realizing what’s happening and that the little bastards originated LARP-ing by playing a hardcore version of cowboys and Indians, Sam and Dean corner the hired actress who’s pretending to be Leticia.  Protesting that she’s “just a Hooters waitress,” FauxLeticia needs to convince the kids that she’s the real Leticia Gore to restore order and buy Sam and Dean time to find the bones of the real kids and send them back to that big, flaming orphanage underground.  Things are going surprisingly well until FauxLeticia’s cellphone goes off, playing a horrible dance song that (rightly) angers the creepy kids. 

The real Sam and Dean get tied up rushing in to save FauxLeticia and almost getting Haircuts From Hell from the creepy kids in the process. Meanwhile, FatDean and GawkySam FatDean save the day, digging the graves and finding the bones.  The two LARP-ers salt and torch the kiddie corpses and all is restored to (semi) normal. 

In the aftermath, FatDean and GawkySam reveal their real names (Damian and Barnes) and identities to Dean.  In a touching moment, Damian explains why he would want to be the real Dean, he admires and wishes that he could save the world every day and have a brother that would die for him.  He also tells Dean that he and Barnes met in a Supernatural chatroom and that they’re more than just friends… They’re partners… Partners who hold hands and lean their heads on one another’s shoulders. 

Meanwhile, Fangirl Becky decides to gently let down a relieved Sammy, letting him know that although she will always love him in her own, strange, geekily obsessive way and continue to write incestuous slash about Sam and his brother, her heart truly belongs to Chuck, with whom she hit it off at the Convention.  As a parting gift, however, Becky and Prophet/Best Selling Author Carver Edlund let Sam know that Bella, the annoying British Chick from several seasons ago didn’t give the magical mystical Colt revolver to Lilith.  Instead, she gave it to Crowley (Dean’s mentor/tormentor in Hell).  Armed with this knowledge, the Winchester boys take off to get their Colt back.

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