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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 6: I Believe the Children Are Our Future

SUPERNATURALThis week’s Supernatural combines the Monster of the Week formula along with the running Apocalypse story arc with the Winchester boys making contact with a surprisingly sweet demon spawn. 

Posing this week as FBI Agents Page and Plant, Sammy and Dean learn about a rash of deaths resulting from joke store pranks gone seriously wrong: A babysitter, quite literally, scratches her brains out after her charge puts itching powder on her hairbrush and a nursing home resident accidentally cooks his roomie with a joy buzzer. 

After testing the joy buzzer and discovering a really quick way to cook a delicious ham and reference Babe in one fell swoop, Dean grabs Sam to pay a visit to the babysitter’s charge.   The kid gives them the info where the unusual murder objects were procured.  Turns out, both the joy buzzer and itching powder came from the same store: The Conjurarium.  Its militant, middle-aged owner — wearing a snazzy, homemade Siegfried and Roy — nearly soils his matching Monticore underroos when Dean melts a rubber chicken with the cursed buzzer.  Realizing that nearly dropping a deuce on the store’s floor is hardly the reaction of someone who had known the objects were cursed, the brothers Winchester hop in the Impala and head to the local hospital to follow their latest tip.

At the hospital, the Winchester boys hear about a father who had all 32 teeth extracted by a Tooth Fairy who resembled Danny Trejo in a sparkly pink and purple tutu with twinkly wings.  After his daughter was creeped out by the story of the tooth fairy and put her tooth under her dad’s pillow, the fairy paid him a visit, leaving 32 shiny quarters behind.  At least he can put that towards his new dentures.  Good job, kid.  You just frittered away your college fund with that little stunt. 

This isn’t the only urban legend gone wonky taking up residence at the hospital.  Pop Rocks and Coke,  and people’s faces sticking a certain way also round out the beds.  Back at their motel, Sammy plots each of the incidents on a map.  They also discover that their motel happens to be in the middle of this two mile radius, thanks to Dean’s case of hairy palms acquired during a round of spare time (and something else) on his hands. Dean goes to shave his palms before the two embark to find what may be the source of these occurrences. 

Tracking the source to a neighborhood home, Sammy and Dean’s search leads them to a little boy named Jesse Turner whose parents instilled him such values as hideously ugly wallpaper, that Pop Rocks and soda will land you in the hospital, and that the Tooth Fairy is a large, hairy, cross dressing dude with wings.  Doing some quick thinking, Dean realizes that the boy’s belief that these urban legends will cause harm are affecting the town, realizes they have to convince him that these things are harmless.  As a test, he tries out the Electro Joy Buzzer of Death on Sammy, having convinced latchkey Jesse that it’s not lethal. 

Problem solved?  Not quite.  Doing some more recon, Sam and Dean find out that Jesse Turner is adopted and track down the tyke’s birth mother, Julia Wright.  Julia throws salt on Sam and Dean and the two are legitimately surprised to find someone else who engages in that sort of greeting.  Realizing they’re not demons, Julia spills the details surrounding her pregnancy, and boy, it’s a doozy.  Julia was a virgin when she became possessed and pregnant, killing people and doing all sorts of demon-y things that a virgin mother-to-be does when she’s carrying hellspawn for nine months.  She felt that she couldn’t kill the child, so just gave him up for adoption.

Sammy and Dean tell Castiel about this latest development, only after making him sit on a whoopee cushion.  Castiel is not amused.  Well, not just with the whoopee cushion thing, but that Jesse Turner is the Anti-Christ.  After clearing things up for the Winchester boys that the Anti-Christ is not necessarily Lucifer, but rather a half-human, half-demon child born of a virgin (the flipside of Christ’s virgin birth), he elaborates that this child is prophesized to destroy the host of Heaven – or “nuke the angels” in Dean’s layman’s terms.  Although this being would be the greatest weapon of the demons, the built-in safeguard of this child is that because it is neither human nor demon, it can’t be tracked by angels or demons.  Castiel claims that it’s imperative that they kill the child before he can be used as a weapon by Lucifer and his minions since the Anti-Christ child also has power over angels and demons.  Sam and Dean believe otherwise, feeling that they are capable of making the right decision and refuse to do it. 

However, demons can still track the kid’s biological mother.  Having kept tabs on Julia, the Daddy Demon that had possessed her gleaned enough info to track her son and possessed her a second time. 

Not the only supernatural being to make with the visitations, Castiel also decides to pay a visit to Jesse, bringing a large knife and preparing to go all Gregory Peck in The Omen on the kid.  Before Castiel makes with the stabbing, Jesse turns the tables and turns Castiel into an action figure… more like an inaction figure, actually.  At least Castiel was turned into a cool action figure, like one of those Mego ones from the ‘70s… Complete with removable trench coat!

Sam and Dean drop by yet again to visit the Anti-Christ and see Castiel in his inaction figure form sitting on the mantle and have a little chat with the kid.  Not wanting to kill the boy, the Brothers Winchester feel he can be used as a force for good and tell him that he is, in essence, a superhero.  Even better, they’re going to take him to their super-secret hidden base in South Dakota where he can learn to use his powers for good.  Adding to the neat-o, super-riffic X-Men factor, they’re even taking him to a guy in a wheel chair who can teach him a bunch of cool stuff! (Ah, Bobby’s new immobility makes for much hilarity this season!)

Just as they’ve got the kid convinced to leave his beloved, adoptive family, the kid’s repossessed mother shows up and Mommy/Daddy roughs up Sammy and Dean before spilling the beans that he’s the Anti-Christ.  Not exactly a pushover, Jesse’s issues of abandonment come into play and he tells Mommy/Daddy to “sit down” and “shut up,” thrusting a chair beneath the demon and rendering it mute.

Without a demonic being talking in his ear, Jesse takes time out to address Sam and Dean and their motives for wanting to not kill him.  Ultimately, sweet, conflicted, demon-blood addicted Sammy tells him he wants to see Jesse live because even if he couldn’t make the right choices, he believes someone else could.” 

That satisfies the boy who banishes the demon from his biological mother’s body with a simple “Get out of here.”  Jesse goes up to his room to ponder his existence while Sam and Dean debate what to do over Mego Castiel. They go and seek the boy out in his room, but the child has wished himself to (where the viewer is led to believe is) Australia.  Prior to that, he wished everyone back from the cornfield and healed all of those who hadn’t died as a result of his pranks/beliefs.  Castiel joins Sammy and Dean upstairs, reading the note Jesse left saying that he had left so that his parents would be protected.

On the drive to their next adventure in the Impala, Sam and Dean reminisce about Pa Winchester, wishing their father had lied to them for protection the way that Jesse’s adoptive parents did to protect him.

So far, Season 5 of Supernatural is progressing nicely.  This combo of Monster of the Week/story arc plotline was a nice change of pace.  As it stands now, Supernatural is the closest thing television fans have now to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, widely considered to be the holy grail of supernatural-themed, fangeek favorites. It’s got it all: Characters you can actually care about – including peripheral characters.  The show’s writers do their homework, and there’s plenty of snark from the show’s intrepid heroes.  While Supernatural takes their plotlines and character development seriously, it’s not dry or bland and makes its own funny, even in dark situations.  I still have no clear-cut speculation as to how this story ends, but I’m looking forward to the show possibly introducing the Archangel Michael this season and spending more quality TV time with Lucifer.

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