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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 12: Meat Swap

This week’s episode of Supernatural sees Sam swap bodies with Gary, a teenage burger-flipping student by day and an aspiring warlock by night.  Although Sam appears to be Gary to the outside world and to the mirror, instead, the viewer sees Sam in Jared Padalecki’s body on the screen even though everyone else thinks it’s Gary the Gawky Teenage Witch (played by Colton James of 7th Heaven).

The Winchester boys find themselves in Housatonic, Massachussetts, attempting to help out their former baby sitter, now with a family of her own.  In between discussing how she was the best baby sitter ever, her husband tells them about the crazy ghost-flavored shenanigans in the house, particularly their daughter having the words “Murdered Child” scratched in blood Exorcist-style across her stomach.  Sam and Dean tell them spend the next night or so in the hotel and they will take care of this ghost problem for them. 

Doing some research at the local pub, Dean chows down on the customary bacon cheeseburger while Sam has an oh-so-metro salad shaker, reciting his bit of research on previous owners of their former baby sitter’s house.  (A baby sitter that Dean, incidentally, had the major hots for back in the day.)  As it turns out, the house was owned in the 1720s by a man named Isaiah Picket who hung himself a witch on the property. 

Little do the boys know that they’re being watched intently by the teenager running the register and wearing a horrible red, white, and blue Patriot Burger uniform.  It’s Gary the Teeanage Witch who’s got his eye on both the brothers Winchester.

A little magical switcheroo-ing thanks to a blowdart, and Sam wakes up in Gary’s body (wearing the awful Patriot Burger uniform) in the middle of the woods.  Stumbling around, a police officer happens upon him, calls him Gary and politely asks him to get in the car because his folks are worried about him.  The officer takes him back to his parents house and Sam has a mini-freak out seeing his Gary-flection in the window of the cop cars.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), Gary’s parents think he’s drunk.

Meanwhile, Gary is in Sam’s body, and bribing Dean with more bacon cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries to soften the blow that they have to leave their motel room ASAP since the maid saw their weapons collection sprawled on the floor.  Dean heads to the crapper before heading out, giving Gary-in-Sam’s-body time to dump all of the Winchester’s phones, which Sam-in-Gary’s-body has been frantically calling and leaving messages for Dean to inform him about his new “condition.”

Across town, Sam-in-Gary’s-body has to deal with Gary’s overbearing parents, particularly his father, who chastises Gary for deviating from “the plan” he has laid out for him.  Even though Daddy wants Gary to become an engineer and drinking booze in the woods is most certainly not a part of the plan, Sam finds out quite a bit about Gary by going through his room. He comes to the conclusion that Gary is A.) a smart kid, B.) a frustrated virgin and C.) a “little Satanic bastard” judging by the nudie mags and witchcraft paraphernalia hidden in his room. Doing additional recon, Sam-in-Gary’s-body calls the motel he and Dean had been staying at and the owner tells him that one leather jacket and one Sasquatch left in the middle of the night. 

After dealing with more fallout from Gary’s parents, Sam-as-Gary discovers from Gary’s sister that he has a really big, really old leatherbound book that he keeps in his locker at school.  Figuring out the combination on Gary’s locker, Sam finds the book and that Gary has been a very naughty, very demonic dabbling boy.  However, he’s not the only one.  Gary’s two teenage friends, Nora and Trevor also dabble a bit, having conjured a demon.  Trevor nails Sam-as-Gary with a blowdart again and the two manage to haul him back to Trevor’s house since his parents are gone.  Uh-oh!

On the road and en route to the Pickett House, Dean should have been tipped off when Gary-in-Sam’s-body asked him to drive the Impala. First of all, you do not ask to drive the Impala.  Secondly, when given the keys to the Impala, you do not back it into a dumpster.  After apologizing profusely, he clues Dean into more information on the witch that inhabited Isaiah Pickett’s house. Having researched the subject thoroughly, Gary-as-Sam mentioned that the witch was actually carrying Pickett’s child, hence the “Murdered Child” scrawlings across the babysitter’s daughter’s stomach.  At the Pickett house, Dean and Gary-as-Sam dig up the witch’s body and prepare to burn the body and salt the bones.  While Dean does the dirty work, Gary-as-Sam picks up a shotgun and attempts to kill Dean.  He doesn’t get a chance to do it since the witch takes a semi-solid ghost form and blasts both boys back into the walls.  As the witch advances on Dean, Gary-in-Sam’s-Body grabs some lighter fluid and torches the corpse.  Dean’s safe and the two scamper off to the bar where they bond over Bob Seeger and bacon cheeseburgers with a fried egg on top.

As if the abandoning of the salad shaker in favor of more cholesterol-soaked deliciousness weren’t a big enough tip off, nor the request to crank “Rock n’ Roll Never Forgets” at top volume were glaring signs that this was not Sam, then Gary-as-Sam proceeds to do some shots with Dean, telling him what an awesome guy he is, before spilling his guts about how he hates feeling that his whole life has been decided for him, which, I guess is supposed to make us see the parallels between Sam, Dean, and Gary. 

The Winchester/faux-Winchester heart-to-heart reaches an abrupt conclusion when Gary-in-Sam’s-body decides to make full use of the awesomeness of looking like Sam and makes a play for a cougar at the bar who’s eager to make him her cub.  He heads back to her place and as Gary-in-Sam’s-body is losing his virginity and getting his Vili Fualaau on with Mistress Cougar, Sam-as-Gary has been tied up by Gary’s friends. 

While tied up at Trevor’s house, they tell Sam-in-Gary’s body that Gary is on a mission right now to kill Dean as part of a pact with the demon they summoned from the book.  Apparently, Dean is Hell’s Most Wanted with a price on his head… And these teens, particularly Trevor who seems the pushiest, are going to collect it. 

Sam tries to talk them out of it, but Trevor makes with the chanting and Nora, the girl, gets possessed by the demon.  Trevor tells the demon that they’re really close to getting Dean and Gary’s off on a mission now to kill him… And that Gary is actually in Sam’s “meat suit” right now.  The demon seems rather intrigued by the prospect of an empty vessel waiting to be filled.  Trevor, however, gets pushy about the reward and doesn’t think it’s good enough to have the demon’s undying gratitude.  Instead, he barters for

$10 million and the love of Mindy Schwartz.  The demon plays Deal or No Deal with him and her counter-offer is reaching in and grabbing a fist-full of blood and soul.  Bet Trev’s parents won’t be too happy to see his dead carcass in the living room when they come home.

Back across town at yet another motel, Gary-as-Sam has returned from Cougar Fest ’10 and is hanging out with Dean.  Just when he attempts to kill him again, Nora-possessed-by-a-demon shows up.  Seeing Dean right there in front of her, she tells Gary he can have anything that he wants in exchange for Dean, but he’s got to meet “The Boss” first, and she don’t mean Bruce Springsteen.  Gary’s dreams of super witch powers dissipate as he gets really freaked out and refuses.  The demon-in-Nora’s-body throws him aside and begins to advance on Dean.  Together, both Gary-in-Sam’s-body and Dean exorcise the demon from Nora’s body.

After a commercial break, Gary restores Sam and himself to their rightful bodies with his teenage witch powers and apologizes to the Winchester boys for the trouble.  Dean tells him that were Gary of voting age, he’d have killed him.  Sam, having walked a mile in Gary’s Star Wars t-shirt was more sympathetic, telling him that he would wish to have Gary’s life and that Nora’s not into witchcraft, she’s into Gary.  Gary seems somewhat happier and walks back into his suburban Massachusetts home with Nora in tow as Sam and Dean hop in the Impala.  While in the car, Sam tells Dean how much Gary’s life really sucked and it made him glad that he’s a hunter… And he tells him to turn the Bob Seeger on the stereo down.  Looks like things are back to “normal.”

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