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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 11: Sam, Interrrupted

After what seemed like forever, Supernatural resumes Season 5 after one of the bleakest episodes of the series.  Jo and Ellen are dead, Lucifer went on a little field trip, and the Winchester boys came out on the losing end.  This week, Sam and Dean check themselves into a loony bin to help their father’s friend, a hunter named Martin who is shacking up in a cookie jar where the inmates are being picked off by an unseen monster that makes the murders appear to be suicides.

The episode kicks off with Susan the Schitzo, a 40-ish woman who sees her dead, young son standing behind the doctor in her one-on-one patient time with him. She’s been refusing to sleep or take her meds since her roommate Annie was killed by a monster.  The doctor Dr. insists that Susan’s roommate Annie killed herself, although Susan attributes Annie’s gruesome death to monsters. At lights out time, Susan begins screaming for help back in her room.  No one comes to her rescue as the monster drops in and kills her, making it look like she slashed her wrists in a suicide attempt.

After toe commercial break, Sam and Dean check themselves into the very same whacky ward where Schitzo Susie just got ganked, saying that they were referred by Dr. Babar (like the elephant).  Little does the good doctor know that they’re there on a mission to bail out a hunter friend of their fathers. To ensure that they will be enrolled in their studies at Nut U., Sam tells the doctor that he started the Apocalypse and hangs out with angels in trench coats.  Dean also solidifies his ticket to the padded play place by telling asking the doctor to fix him up so that they can go back to traveling around the country and killing monsters.”

Following a rather thorough observation by a chipper attending nurse that Dean dubs “Nurse Ratched”, Sammy and Dean, get the ol’ Silkwood shower, a rubber gloved thumb up the bum, and spiffy blue regulation jammies in addition to a padded room of one’s own.

The usual heart-to-heart between the boys ensues….  As much of a heart-to-heart as possible since Dean is doing his Dean thing and holding back emotion about Ellen and Jo’s death.  In turn, Sweet Sammy berates him for not letting it out. 

Meanwhile, Martin, Papa Winchester’s hunter pal is stoked to see them.  Martin also ends up in the group session with Sam.  Dean, however, has been dubbed “dangerously co-dependent” on his brother and is split into a separate group.

During Sam and Martin’s group session, a dude who saw the monster that killed Ann and Schitzo Susie speaks up during group about what he saw.  Faster than you can say “500 milligrams of Thorazine,” the dude is shut down and shut up first by the doctor, and then by another loony who insists that she saw it to, with a much more fantastical claim.

Dean, meanwhile has been assigned to a (semi) hot shrink to talk about relationships, his father, and his narcissistic and religious psychosis. Dean, as per usual, holds back a bit.  Soon after, we’re introduced to Wendy, another inmate from group therapy who walks down the hallway and decides to french Dean in the hallway.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a clinical nympho!

While Dean gets the better gig with playing hallway tonsil hockey with the resident sex fiend, Sam informs dean about the dude who saw the monster from his group session.  As Sam and Dean go to meet with the dude from group, they hear a noise coming from his room.  Racing towards it, Sam tries to open the door as the dude keeps screaming and his foot flies at the window.  By the time Sam is able to jimmy open the door, the dude has been hanged with a bedsheet from the pipe in his room.

After a commercial break, the Winchester boys break into the facility’s morgue and check him out on the slab.  They find a deep puncture wound on his neck that, when prodded with a Q-tip, goes all the way through his brain. They decide to further investigate what this means and Sam is all too eager to saw through the dead dude’s skull while Dean stands outside on watch.  Sam removes the dude’s brain and discovers it had been sucked completely dry. 

Just then, someone’s coming and Nurse Ratchet (the one who admitted the Winchesters and “thoroughly” checked them out) comes in.  Dean alerts Sam who puts back the dude’s brain and closes the slab door.  Just as the Nurse enters and asks what they’re doing in there, Dean embraces the power of crazy, drops trou and screams “Pudding!” shaking his (off-camera) junk around.

The boys are free to go and reconvene with Martin, who has a bunch of Gacy-esque clown pictures that he painted on the wall.  Martin and the boys discuss their findings and Martin believes the brain sucker is a Wraith, a monster that takes the form of a human, eats brains, and can be killed by a silver object, which burns the Wraith, even in its concealed form.  It won’t be too hard to figure out who the Wraith is since its true form is revealed in its reflection.  After catching a glimpse of the Doctor in a mirror passing by, the boys figure out exactly who their Wraith is.

But not before Clinical Nympho Nympho decides she no longer wants Dean and plants one on Sam because he is larger.  Martin bails on the boys, saying that he can’t help them go after the doctor/Wraith, still shaken and damaged by an incident in Albuquerque that’s never elaborated on.  They bust into the doctor’s office and Sam attacks the Doc with a silver letter opener.  He makes a cut on the doctor and Martin comes in to stop them.  Whaddya know… The cut isn’t burning, like it would if they attacked a monster. Whoopsie!  Guess he’s not the Wraith after all! 

For nearly taking out the facility’s doctor, Sam gets dosed with a lot of meds… happy, fun, wonderful meds! When Sam comes down off the meds, somewhat, he apologizes to the doctor for nearly murdering him.  The Doctor tells Sam that monsters are the least of his problem, that he had never seen anyone with so much pent-up anger rush him like that and found Sam to be like a man possessed, and not quite human.

Meanwhile, Dean has a therapy session with Hot Shrink, who brings all sorts of awful, uncomfortable feelings to light, such as Dean’s shortcomings, guilt about Jo and Ellen, and things he never told anyone about….Including calling him by his real name, since he checked in under the name “Eddie” at the boobie hatch. This is a good indicator that Hot Shrink is the Wraith… or, as it turns out, a creation of the Wraith to attack Dean since an orderly doesn’t see him chatting with Semi-Hot Shrink, but talking to the wall.  With Sam still high as a kite, Dean chats with Martin, feeling a little fuzzy, doped up, and all sorts of crazy himself.  Trying to figure out what happened, Dean believes that it was a possible exchange of saliva that the Wraith may have used to trigger the dose of crazy in each of the patients and what made them all see the doctor as a Wraith. 

In light of this recent revelation, Dean and Martin think the Wraith may actually be Clinical Nympho Wendy who’s been swapping spit with nearly everyone in the cookie jar (except Martin).  The two go off to find Wendy and nab themselves a Wraith.  By the time they get to Wendy’s room, Dean and Martin (heh… Anyone else notice that this time around it’s a nod to the Rat Pack with “Sammy and Dean” and “Dean and Martin”?) rush in and find smiley-smiley Nurse Rached hovering over Wendy with these retractable projectiles coming out of her hands and trying to suck Wendy’s brain.  They chase her off and Wendy’s still alive.

However, Nurse Ratched has a doped-up Sam strapped to a gurney, prepared to suck his brain.  She explains how crazy brains taste better and her touch is what gives everyone a good dose of The Crazy Virus, which makes for a more delicious dining experience for her. 

Just as her projectile wrist spikes emerge, Dean breaks in and stops her from sucking Sam’s brain, tussling with her and breaking off the spike and jabbing her in the heart with the scalpel.  Smoke comes out and the hospital loses its resident Wraith as the fuzzy, crazy feelings instantly wear off of Sammy and Dean, who make a break for it and bust out of the hospital.  Whether they Chief Broomed their way out of there or took a more subtle approach is debatable since this happened prior to a commercial break.  After finding the Impala, the boys had yet another heart-to-heart chat about Sam’s anger issues and Dean’s feelings of inadequacy in terms of saving one another.  Regardless, they’ve still got each other.

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